“The state and federal government subsidies made me start to seriously consider replacing my existing HVAC system. My old system would constantly run in the summertime and the house had difficultly keeping 70 degrees when it was over 90 degrees outside. I had doubts if the engineering would be sufficient because the rule of thumb is 200 feet per ton of cooling and the system is a variable speed 3/4 ton unit. I contacted the east coast representative for WaterFurnace (maker of the HVAC unit) and they assured me that 600′ would be more than sufficient. The outside unit was removed and the new unit is in my basement. It runs so quietly that most people can not even hear it. I can barely hear the unit (less noise than a refrigerator. The unit is designed to constantly run and the house has never been cooler. The unit has not failed me and I am looking forward to the winter to see how well it performs. The air quality has also improved because the unit uses large filters (up to #13 for maximum filtering) that are easy to replace and can be ordered online. The thermostat reminds me of when it’s time to replace the filter (@every three months). Ground Loop did an excellent job in engineering, installation, and maintenance. I had an issue with the thermostat giving an incorrect humidity reading. The technician came out the next day and swapped the unit out – still didn’t fix the problem. He contacted WaterFurnace and manually adjusted the internal sensor to compensate for the problem. I have owned my home since 1993 and this is the first time the HVAC unit has worked properly. Ground Loop sized the unit correctly and installed it in my basement without any problems or concerns. I highly recommend them.”

– Angie’s List Reviewer