Clarksville, MD

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Look no further for an innovative solution to providing heating and cooling to your Clarksville, MD, home—geothermal systems are an ideal option. Our Ground Loop Heating and Air Conditioning experts can go over the right geothermal heat pump for your home and provide the installation for you.

Save on energy usage with a geothermal heat pump designed to harness energy from the ground. Provide your home with the warm or cool air it needs for the season and live comfortably.

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“We used Ground Loop with great results to service the geothermal system in our previous home. We moved to a different place with oil heat that went through a $500 tank every 6 weeks this past winter. I contacted Ground Loop to help figure out why, as this was an open-ended task that required an experienced technician. They identified a laundry list of items, including some big ones: A large gap in some hidden ductwork that was dumping much of the air into the crawl space, undersized returns and too many closed registers that cause the burner to overheat and cycle off to cool down, they fixed a clogged condensate drain that would likely leak water to the ceiling below, and that the previous owners made the penny-wise decision to install air conditioning instead of a heat pump, so oil is used for all heating. These defects have been present for decades, and probably cost the previous owners a mint. A $297 investment in their thorough HVAC inspection was well worth it. We will definitely be contacting them when we go geothermal in a year or two.”
- James K.