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Why Is My Heat Pump Turning On and Off Frequently?

March 31, 2022
Worried father looking at his utility bills. Considering HVAC service for heating and cooling maintenance.

If your heat pump is turning on and off frequently, it might be short cycling. Here are four reasons this might be happening to your system.

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Heat Pump Versus Furnace

December 23, 2021
Variety of thermostats on homeowner's wall.

The two most popular choices for a heater are heat pumps and furnaces. Each one has pros and cons, but which is the right choice for you?

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What Is a Heat Pump?

July 30, 2021
Air conditioning heat pumps on the side of a house

We would love to talk to you about heat pumps and the benefit they have on your household if you are considering installing one.

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Understanding Heat Pump Ratings

August 5, 2020
Woman Signing Invoice In Kitchen

Energy efficiency is one of the most important considerations for your new appliance, but one must understand its given heat pump ratings to truly judge this aspect of it. Here are some of the ratings you may encounter in your search.

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