WaterFurnace Heat Pumps Included in 2015 Most Efficient List


WaterFurnace Intl. Inc.’s 7 Series utilizes a soft-start variable-capacity compressor in concert with a variable-speed blower motor and variable-speed loop pump. This allows the unit to scale output to exactly the level needed rather than just high or low speeds. The unit can ramp down to 20 percent of normal operation for efficient conditioning or up to 130 percent output for periods when extra cooling is needed. The wide capacity range can even eliminate the need for auxiliary heat.

“The 7 Series utilizes Aurora, WaterFurnace’s next generation of controls, to continuously monitor and optimize operation,” said Tim Litton, director of marketing, WaterFurnace. “Aurora provides a platform of two-way communication between components, robust troubleshooting capabilities, and advanced communication protocols. This includes integration to Symphony, a Web-enabled home comfort platform that provides detailed feedback in real-time and the tools to control it from any Web-enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer.”

Available in open- and closed-loop configurations, the 7 Series features capacities ranging 36,000-60,000 Btuh, energy efficiency ratio (EER) ratings of 27.7-42.5, and coefficients of performance (COP) of 4.3-5.3.

The 7 Series is one of five unique WaterFurnace geothermal heat pumps honored in the 2015 Most Efficient list. Based on Energy Star projections, the unit may save users as much as 63 percent when compared to federal minimum performance.

Editor’s Note: All technical data supplied courtesy of Energy Star’s Most Efficient list. To see the complete Energy Star Most Efficient Products of 2015 list, visithttp://bit.ly/EnergyStarME2015.

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