Top Air Conditioner Myths, Busted

air conditioner myths

Lets bust the most common air conditioner myths!

Many homeowners use central air systems but many of them tend to use them inefficiently. In fact, there are a lot of common myths surrounding proper air conditioner usage. Here we dispel some of the most common misconceptions associated with air conditioning units and help you save money on your utility bills in the process.

Myth #1: Energy Efficient Central Air Conditioners Immediately Bring Down Energy Bills

While it is true that energy efficient air conditioner units are likely to help with your energy bills, they may not bring the costs down immediately. In fact, it can often take a significant amount of time for the air conditioning unit to help your utility bill decrease. In addition, proper installation plays a huge role in whether you will see a decrease in your utility bill as a result of an energy efficient air conditioning unit.

Myth #2: Turning The Thermostat Very High Or Low Will Help Heat Or Cool The Home Faster

Whenever a central air conditioning unit is turned on, it will always remain on until the desired or set temperature is reached inside the space. As a result, turning your thermostat either higher or lower will not speed up the process of heating or cooling your home.

Myth #3: Use Duct Tape To Seal Off Ducts

When it comes to central air conditioning ductwork, sealing ducts in need of some much-needed repair may not always be the best solution. In fact, a leaky duct, specifically in older homes, has the ability to form a moist duct. As a result, placing duct tape on a moist surface may actually cause severe harm to the actual duct which can lead to a variety of problems not only to the air conditioning system but to the structure of your home as well.

Myth #4: Always Close Vents In Rooms That Are Not Being Used To Save Energy

One of the biggest misconceptions associated with air conditioning is too close vents in rooms throughout the home that are not in use. However, doing so can do a lot more harm than good. By closing one vent in the home, you automatically create more pressure throughout the air conditioning system. As a result, the amount of energy to run the air conditioning unit increases. Therefore, closing vents in a room can actually cause your utility bill to rise.


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