The Dual Replacement: Furnace And Air Conditioner

A furnace in the basement.

Replacing your air conditioner and furnace at the same time can be very beneficial.

Homeowners are typically faced with the costly decision of choosing to either replace their furnace or their air conditioner. Many homeowners in the Maryland area are usually not aware that replacing these two crucial home elements at the same time can be hugely beneficial. However, it ultimately depends on the last time you updated either one of these essential home owning features. Here is a helpful guide to help you navigate the wild world of HVAC for your home.

A Brief History Of The HVAC

The HVAC system in your home can ensure that everyone in your family stays healthy and enjoys the comfort of being in the home. Most homeowners don’t usually think about their HVAC system all too often. Usually, they will forget to think about it until it stops working altogether. However, that could be damaging to your home’s comfort. So back in the early 1900s, Willis Carrier invented a machine to help keep homes cool, comfortable, and protected from the humidity of the air. As a result, in 1925, the air conditioner was introduced, and our homes have never been the same.

Understanding How The Furnace Works

Before you think about replacing your furnace, homeowners will want to make sure that their system is actually in need of a replacement. A gas furnace operates in a way where fuel is pumped into it from the storage tank. Then, the fuel (or natural gas) is mixed with air and ignited. The flame then heats the air while leftover gases are sent out of the home through a chimney or flue. It is the ducts that ultimately bring the air from the home and move it past the heat exchanger. Then, the house air is heated and then sent back through a filter and then through the ducts and then the vents throughout the house. Finally, the heated air is then forced by the blower through the ductwork and then out through the vents throughout the house. 

Basics Of Your Air Conditioning System

The air conditioning system in your home, when properly working, can ultimately provide the house with cool air and humidity control for the entire home. Understanding how the air conditioner works can help homeowners know what to look for when considering a replacement or when they require repair. The cooling system in the air conditioning unit pulls heat out of the home, and then the supply ducts distribute the cool air from the air handler to the various rooms throughout your home. Then, the return ducts will carry the warm air back to the handler to be subsequently filtered and cooled.


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