One-Step Application Process for MEA’s Residential Clean Energy Grant Program

In response to the clean energy industry’s request for streamlined Clean Energy Grant Program Application processes, our Residential grant program is shifting (as of 6/13/2012) from a two-step process (application package to reserve the funds + completion package when the project is done) to a one-step, post-installation process-which we believe will save you folks quite a bit of time and hassle.  The new one-step application process can start after your project is installed and will require only 4 sets of documents:

1.  Application form

2. Proof that the project is paid for in full with a copy of a zero-balance, final invoice

3.  Copies of all issued inspection documents, permit documents, etc. as provided by the local authority having jurisdiction.

4.  A photograph of the installed clean energy system.  If the system is a roof-mounted PV or SWH system, the photograph must clearly demonstrate where the system has been installed, with all panels or collectors clearly visible.

There are a few changes stemming from new regulations, tooSee full details and documents at


As always, Ground Loop will assist with the paperwork for the incentives, however this is not a guarantee that funds will be received.

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