Maryland Energy Grant has been Increased!

Update: July 1, 2012

To help Maryland homeowners invest in clean energy, MEA provides Residential Clean Energy Grants at “flat award/project” incentive levels outlined in the chart below. MEA has recalculated the Clean Energy Grant incentives based on several factors including available funding levels; economies of scale; a desire for more equitable distribution of funds; the cost of clean energy technologies, capacity factors, and potential annual production; and data analysis from past Clean Energy awards.

Resource Conversion TechnologyInstalled Capacity RangeFlat Award
Solar Photovoltaic (PV)1-20 kW$1,000/project
Solar Water Heating10-100 sq. ft.$500/project
Geothermal Heating & Cooling (GHC)1-10 tons$3,000/project
Wind1-20 kW$6,000/project

Grants are allocated on a first come/first served basis across technologies and are subject to change in amount and existence based on funding availability. A home owner may receive awards that aggregate up to the maximum award per technology per fiscal year (from July 1 of any given year through June 30 of the next).

Please give Ground Loop a call with any questions you may have on the Energy Grant submission guidelines.

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