Important Facts About Indoor Air Quality Every Homeowner Should Know

Check out these important facts every homeowner should know about indoor air quality.

Check out these important facts every homeowner should know about indoor air quality.

Air quality has become something that causes concern for most homeowners. In fact, with pollution levels on the rise, having proper indoor air quality is increasingly crucial to the health of the entire family. As a result, a lot of homeowners are unknowingly living with air quality inside their homes that is far worse than what’s outside. Here are some mind-blowing facts about the importance of good air quality inside your home.

Common Indoor Air Pollutants

Homeowners are constantly striving to achieve a nice feel in their homes. In fact, many go so far as to make sure that their home smells fresh and clean (maybe without actually cleaning). As a result, homeowners turn to candles and air fresheners and other similar types of things to make their home smell nice. However, they could unknowingly be polluting the humble abode they live in.


  • Candles: There are many homeowners who love to burn candles regularly in their homes. Whether for ambiance or scent, a candle is a tool that is common among a myriad of homeowners. Certain candles (those that are not soy or beeswax-based) can release toxins into the air. Instead, consider using essential oils and a diffuser to provide your home with the same ambiance that a candle provides without all the harmful chemicals.
  • Air Fresheners: For those homeowners looking to freshen their home with an air freshener, it’s crucial for you to know that almost all air fresheners release chemicals into the air. In fact, it’s these noxious chemicals that can exacerbate asthma symptoms or any other respiratory issues you or a family member may have.
  • Furniture and Printers: There are a variety of other household items that can easily contribute to poor air quality in your home. In fact, certain materials, furniture, and printers can contribute to the toxicity in your home.



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