Geothermal is making a name in Canada……..

WINNIPEG — A geothermal energy system running the Journey to Churchill exhibit at Assiniboine Park Zoo is continuing to generate savings.

The system provides clean, renewable energy for heating and cooling of the exhibit, and comes with the assistance of a $105,160 grant under the Manitoba Geothermal Energy Incentive Program.

The system services four buildings at the zoo, including the Gateway to Arctic building, Tundra Grill, water treatment complex, and the International Polar Bear Conservation Centre.

“APC is committed to becoming a community leader in sustainable park and zoo operations. As such, choosing to implement a geothermal energy system was an excellent fit from both an economic and environmental perspective,” said Don Peterkin, COO of the Assiniboine Park Conservancy.

“The Journey to Churchill exhibit was designed to increase public awareness of critical climate-change issues and using a renewable energy system is just another way for us to carry that message forward.”

Municipal Government Minister Drew Caldwell noted geothermal systems benefit Manitoba homeowners and businesses financially and environmentally.

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