Geothermal And How It All Works

Learn more about geothermal energy!

Learn more about geothermal energy!

If you happen to be a homeowner who is looking to save some dough, investing in geothermal might just be the answer for you. In fact, geothermal heat pumps are an incredible investment that any homeowner can make into their home. But many wonder how it actually works. How are they able to save so much money just by switching to geothermal? Here are the answers to all the questions you ever had!

How Geothermal Works

Just below the frost line underground, the soil there remains a fairly constant temperature of around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that home geothermal systems are able to use this steady ground temperature to more effectively heat and cool their humble abodes throughout the entire year- no matter the weather.

The Make-Up

At the root of it, home geothermal systems are basically made up of two distinct parts. One is the actual geothermal system or the heat pump that sits directly inside the home. The second part is the one that is outside which is referred to as the loop system that is placed underground below the frost line.

The Process Itself

When it comes to the basic process of how a geothermal system operates, the one thing to note is that it all works as a unit. In fact, geothermal heat pumps work pretty much as you’d expect. There is a non-toxic antifreeze that is pumped through a closed set of pipes underground. However, the distinction is that it picks up the ambient temperature around it from the ground itself as it travels. As a result, cold water enters the ground in the winter extracting the heat from the ground. It is then pumped back into the house where the heat is exchanged from the water in your pipes to the air in the house.  And then this air is blown into your home. In the summer the process works in reverse.


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