Charming Wisconsin Farm Home Gets Most Advanced Geothermal Upgrade

Alan Blum describes the drive down the quarter-mile gravel road that leads to the home he and wife Cathy are renovating as a drive back in time. “As you come upon the fieldstone homestead and see the 100-plus-year-old black walnut tree growing in the front yard, you feel as if you’ve stepped back into the Civil War era,” he said. “The ambiance is just spectacular.”

And that’s why the Blums are looking forward to completing renovations to the 3,500-square-foot home and settling in. “We’re eager to live there permanently, but also willing to take our time and do what’s necessary to ensure we end up with a home that’s comfortable to live in, energy efficient and respectful of the environment around us,” Blum noted. And so began a top-down renovation, starting with the attic and second floor, while incorporating a ground-up geothermal heating system that relies on steady temperatures just beneath the earth’s surface. It provides energy-efficient heating and cooling to the home, while preserving its historic charm…… more


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