What To Do When Your Air Conditioner Freezes

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Learn what to do when your air conditioner freezes.

One of the more common problems that homeowners have with their air conditioning unit is when it freezes. In fact, this can be very uncomfortable with the Maryland heat in the summer, because a frozen air conditioner will not let cold air pass through to cool your home. As a result, it’s important to know what you can do in this situation. Here are a few things you must do when your air conditioner freezes.

Turn Off The AC

The number one thing that any homeowner needs to do when they discover their air conditioner is frozen is to shut it off, immediately. This simple, yet critical step, will allow the entire  system to “thaw.” In fact, if you want to speed up the whole thawing process, you can go ahead and turn the fan on, however, you’ll want to be sure that the setting isn’t set to cool. That could make things significantly worse. To speed things up even more, you can even take a blow dryer to the coils of the system to help expedite the thawing process.

Check For Any Clogs And Empty The Drain Pan

As you patiently wait for the entire air conditioning unit to thaw, you’ll want to be proactive and productive with your time. Now, you can go ahead and check to make sure that the drain isn’t clogged and that there aren’t any visible condensate lines that may indicate some type of clog. In fact, you should also empty the drain pan while you’re at it. It’ll ensure that everything runs smoothly once it’s all thawed.

Regularly Change The Air Filter

Sometimes, an air conditioning unit will freeze because of an old filter. A dirty air filter is all too common. In fact, having a monthly air-filter change-up will ensure that your system runs optimally and provides you and your family the best air quality inside your home.


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