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Ground Loop Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving customers in the DelMarVa area for over 20 years. In addition to having geothermal and radiant flooring used in our office, we also have it installed in our own homes. We’re able to get some great feedback from our customers about their experience with Ground Loop and geothermal. Read on to find out more.

We have really appreciated the system which you designed for us. It is so efficient that our solar panels on a sunny day can produce enough energy to off set the geothermal system. The solar panels could not do that with our regular heat pump.

Justin came to my home to install the TXV and BI-FLO Filter Drier. He was very professional and explained everything to me in a way I could understand. I felt the same about Tyler when he was here for my maintenance appointment. I also had the pleasure of having Scott work at my home last year when the coil was replaced. All the technicians have been great and I am thankful for all of them. Thank you again for taking care of this for me. I’m very grateful.

I wanted to thank you for your excellent work in organizing the paperwork for the energy tax credit rebates. It was very clear what steps I needed to take to file the paperwork. Just a few days ago, we got something back from Anne Arundel County approving a $2,500 credit towards our 2019 fiscal year property taxes. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Justin was amazing, super nice, and knowledgeable and explained to me what the different parts are and what they are doing and took his time to look at and address all my concerns. Already I can tell just from this morning experience that ground loop is going to be the right choice!
Brian B.

Service man Justin is the best! He is knowledgeable, friendly, efficient and happy to explain the system to the customer. We hope Justin will always be “our” service man!
Paul & Joan S., Potomac, MD

I am extremely pleased with the system and the service I have received since having my Symphony unit installed. Justin is a real asset to your company, always very polite and eager to answer any questions about the system. You are a very reputable company who stands behind your work.
Thom Hopkins

When our system went down in the midst of a crazy heat wave, your tech responded quickly to resolve the issue. I continue to be impressed with your service expertise and promptness in addition to the efficiency and effectiveness of our geothermal system. Thank you again!
Sally P., Summit Mechanical

Thanks for your fabulous installation of my geothermal in 2008 and your company service. I will recommend you to the new owners. Best.

I just wanted to share with you our results from having geothermal for 1 year. I’ve compared our utility bills from this past year to the previous 9 years – and we’re saving $1235 vs our average over those previous years! Awesome results! I shared this with my network through Facebook (my page – 800 friends, my neighborhood’s page, the Environmental Club at Youth’s Benefit which I founded, my Twitter feed, and my LinkedIn page).

Thank you and your crew for doing such an awesome job installing our system. Merry Christmas!

Wade Sewell

We just had a horizontal loop system installed by Ground Loop. I did a fair amount of research when looking for a Geothermal installer after hearing many stories about unprofessional or questionable contractors. After the initial consultation with Jason, my wife and I felt very positive about Ground Loop. The installation went almost completely without problems, and your on-site staff were professional and courteous. We ran into very few problems during the whole process, and they were all resolved efficiently. I also wanted to mention the tremendous support we received from Linda Politowicz. She worked diligently in helping us with all of the complex paperwork and schedules related to the various tax and grant packages offered by the various agencies and companies. We happened to do this install right around the time when Maryland decided to lower the grant amount for Geothermal units. I received a call from Jason immediately, and with Linda’s help, we were able to rush the paperwork in and qualify for the larger grant amount. Thank you for the professional staff and quality work. I’ll be adding a very positive review on Angie’s List as well.
Mike Nibeck

Chris and I are very happy with our geothermal system. We’ve had no problems what so ever during the frigid, cold/windy weather over the last few weeks and are as warm as we want to be! We like to keep the thermostats around 65-67 during the day and below 60 at night, which is probably lower than most people. We had visitors over this past weekend and set the thermostat above 70; the system had no problem keeping up. It’s so quiet we don’t know that it is on.

As far as costs…for the past 2 weeks, the daily kWh’s ranged from 75-125/day depending on the temperature and the winds during the 24 hour period (the winds lately are routinely 20-30 with gusts up to 40 off the bay!) For my most recent billing I had to call Delmarva to adjust their readings because it was way over the actual. Their estimated readings are for the “average” house and their estimated reading was more than 50% above my actual readings! Also, remember that our house is 4,880 sq. ft and has over 70 windows. So geothermal really does save money, and more importantly the environment!
Todd and Christine Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Freedman wanted to build their dream home to be environmentally friendly and also as cost effective as possible. One of the ways they implemented these ideas was by contacting Ground Loop to install their geothermal system. They have a great website documenting their experience from start to finish and have a monitor installed where you can watch their system running and see its usage in various charts. From their website, “The geothermal system keeps the house very comfortable and every morning I take a nice hot shower powered by the leftover energy from the heating system. I have a data system setup to monitor the Heating/Cooling system, which you can see an up to the minute view of below.” Their energy logger is very impressive and really demonstrates how efficient geothermal is.
Dan and Pat Freedman

We just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our new geothermal system. We knew it was an economical way to go, but we had no idea what a savings it would be. Our electric bill from our former house was $75 per month on a budget plan, and that home was three times smaller than our new house, and we still had to pay a separate oil bill. Our current electric bill in only $108 on a monthly plan and we have no oil bill. We are extremely pleased with the savings, as well as the comfort of the heat/air. Thank you again for your services, we would use your system and company again without hesitation.
Sallie and Ted Turnbaugh

When it came time to select a new heating and cooling system for our home, we wanted a system that would be economical to operate and provide real warmth in the winter months. Once we learned about the efficiency of geothermal technology, it was simply a matter of determining what company we could use to install the system. We had three different vendors come to our home and give us estimates. Mr. Mike Cullum of Ground Loop Heating/Cooling showed the most interest in taking the job. Previously our home had electric baseboard heating and did not have any duct work, so it would be a difficult job. Mr. Cullum and his ground loop work crew were selected because of their careful attention to our questions, the fact that Mr. Cullum had recently obtained extensive training on the Water Furnace system that he would install, and his reassurance that the job would be done right. We have had the system for about ten years now and have never had a problem. We love the warmth it provides in the winter months and as a result we quickly sold the pellet stove we had purchased to heat the home.
Chris and Christine Woodall

After comparing my before and after electric bills for a six month period (January-June) of 2011 versus 2012, I found a savings of slightly over 50%.

Julia and I are very happy with the even heating and cooling comfort level and the financial savings of our geo-loop system. It’s nice to know we’re saving money while doing something good for the environment.

Although we have no plans to sell or move, the home is now more valuable and marketable with your system. The plus sides of this choice keep adding up. This was and is a wise investment.

We did quite a bit of research prior to selecting your company for the job. We’re most impressed by your knowledge and experience with geothermal energy. We’re again pleased by the professionalism and courtesy of your staff/installation personnel.
John and Julia Flagg

The Groundloop team did an excellent job installing our entire system. It wasn’t a straightforward install, either, as we upsized both of our zones so that other areas of our home could be converted to conditioned space. The team took their time to ensure quality workmanship throughout. They paid extra special attention to the fine details of the install, to insure that the way in which the system is installed will not interfere with future renovations. I look forward to the opportunity of referring business to Groundloop, as I would do it in a heartbeat for any HVAC work. Thank you, Groundloop!
Wade Sewell

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