Wanted: Green Entrepenuers

Posted on the WNYT.com news site – very interesting article and perhaps a glimpse of the future for Geothermal Heating and Cooling.


SARATOGA SPRINGS -They were installing the latest phase of geothermal heating and cooling at Skidmore College on Monday afternoon.

When the work is finished, 40-percent of the college’s heat and air conditioning will be generated by geothermal energy.

The school is also pushing for a new solar farm on land it owns, nears its ball field in Greenfield.

Using renewable energy is important to the school and its socially aware students.

And now Skidmore’s being asked to help others, by finding the entrepreneurs who want in on the next wave of clean, green technology.

Skidmore will use 400-thousand dollars in state money to run a program that will help create new renewable energy companies.They’ll recruit and train entrepreneurs on how to make their dream a reality.

The idea, says Catherine Hill, chair of management and business at Skidmore, is to teach the business people how to break down the barriers to starting and running a green energy business.

“So what we’re going to do is facilitate all of those secret handshakes, so they have access to people at ConEd and National Grid and they understand how the New York ISO works,” said Hill.

Hill says the initiative is modeled after similar programs in Boston and Colorado. It will look for about 25 entrepreneurs to be the first students.They’ll study at Skidmore for a week this summer.

“There’s a huge financial benefit because these businesses can be profoundly successful,” Hill said.

The students will present their business plans to investors early next year. The idea is for the investors to provide capital for the green energy ideas that will grow New York jobs.

“We will get investment and employment in the state. As these new businesses take root and expand. And grow their markets,” said John Rhodes, president and CEO of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

“So we will get ideas, we will get jobs and we will get a cleaner environment.”

Skidmore is leading by example on this issue. They’ve invested nearly $8-million in renewable energy over the past several years, resulting in what the college calls a “substantial financial return.”


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