Three Types of Furnaces for Homes

Three Types of Furnaces for Homes

Three types of furnaces storm the market, each with its benefits. Which is right for your home?

When one considers a house, he or she does not often think of the furnace as an integral part of it. A furnace remains the most popular choice for cooling and heating a home, and is also known as a forced-air system. Using warm or cool air, it regulates the comfort of your zone. However, not all of them are equal nor the same. Consider the three types of furnaces below to see which might best fit your home.

Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are the most common out of the three types. Gas is known for its high efficiency and cost-saving benefits as well. There are three main types of gas furnaces: single-stage, two-stage, and modulating. A single-stage furnace only runs at a high setting of power, whereas a two-stage one has two different levels of energy, low or high. A modulating natural gas furnace is constantly running but varies its power level depending on the needs of the house. 

Electric Furnaces

If you do not live in an area with access to natural gas fuel, you may find an electric furnace to be the best fit for you. These appliances are smaller than gas ones and can therefore fit into smaller spaces or create more room. Some use a heat pump in conjunction with an electric furnace for added comfort, although it is possible to regulate the home’s temperature with a heat pump alone, especially if you live in a warmer climate. In any case, an electric furnace is a reliable, cost-effective way to heat or cool your home in the long-run. 

Oil Furnaces

Meanwhile, an oil furnace can also serve homes that need protection against boiling hot summers and freezing cold winters. Oil will heat your home perhaps hotter than gas or electricity can, yet it is a safe and long-lasting option as well. Some say that an oil furnace lasts longer than a natural gas one, although this may have to do with how well an owner maintains the appliance. 

In truth, each of the above types of furnaces has its benefits, as well as their disadvantages. Gas systems may be the most efficient, but they are also the most expensive. In the meantime, all furnaces have significantly improved over the last few decades, as seen by the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings. Contact Ground Loop for further information on each!


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