The Importance of an HVAC Warranty

The Importance of an HVAC Warranty

While an excellent appliance is a must, so is an understanding of its warranties.

Most manufacturers offer a 5-year warranty on your new HVAC system, but what does that mean? Warranties are there to help you relieve the costs of a sudden repair; they are there to soften the blow of an unexpected HVAC situation. However, while it is essential to have an excellent machine, you should also be knowledgeable about the warranties that come with it.

How Important is an HVAC Warranty?

When looking for the best of HVAC systems and installation and maintenance services, you should always look for the best quality in all areas. Your priority is to find a machine that can heat and cool your home to maximum comfort. A professional installation will ensure that it works well from the start. The warranties, meanwhile, are benefits that you hopefully will never have to use. They help to cover emergency repairs and fixes for installation mistakes or faulty parts. Your typical 5-year warranty is an essential part of the package, and a reputable manufacturer and installer will give you decent deals.

Two Types of HVAC Warranties

For an HVAC system, there are generally two types of warranties, one from the manufacturer and one from the installer. The warranty from the manufacturer of the system generally has several characteristics. They often only cover parts of a system and not the whole, and cover only main parts and not miscellaneous ones like the air filter and fan belt. Typically, a maintenance professional will take care of these in an annual inspection. 

Apart from an equipment warranty, an installer will provide a labor warranty that will cover at least five years of the appliance’s life. Should accidental damage occur during the installation or issues arise later from the initial installation, that company will also have a labor warranty that will enable you to resolve the matter free of cost. 

Extended Warranties

Both the manufacturer and installer will offer extended warranties as well. For manufacturers, you can register your system with their company to gain an extra five or more years of coverage. Labor warranties, in general, come with reasonably-priced service agreements that can keep your system running at its best year-round, every year. However, terms vary from company to company. Check in with Ground Loop to see what they can offer your home!


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