Perfect Choice Savings Event Happening NOW!

 Perfect Choice Savings Event

We would like to announce the return of the Water Furnace Perfect Choice Savings Event for Summer 2013. Between June 17 and Sept. 27, 2013, homeowners will have a choice of packages that include WaterFurnace’s flagship 7 Series 700A11 variable capacity geothermal heat pump or the 5 Series 500A11 geothermal heat pump, with rebates ranging from $750 to $2,000.

This program is designed to help homeowners around the country upgrade to an energy-efficient WaterFurnace geothermal heating and air conditioning system and The Perfect Choice Savings Event presents several attractive instant rebate options. When you add those savings to a 30 percent federal tax credit, a growing number of local incentives and monthly savings on utility bills, it’s clear this is a very special opportunity.

Each of the three promotional packages is tailored to fit any homeowner’s needs. The Ultimate Comfort Package offers a $2,000 instant rebate on the WaterFurnace 7 Series 700A11, the first variable capacity geothermal unit available for homeowners and the only unit to surpass both 41 energy efficiency ratio (EER) and 5.3 coefficient of performance (COP). In addition to this groundbreaking geothermal unit, the package includes:

  • Aurora variable speed control to continuously monitor and optimize operation
  • Choice between two programmable thermostats, both with humidity control, or the option to include the IntelliZone2 zoning system
  • Choice of electric heat or AlpinePure™ 4-inch MERV 11 filters
  • Choice of a WaterFurnace flow center or a well water kit
  • Air pad

The Essential Comfort Package gives homeowners a $1,000 instant rebate on WaterFurnace’s 5 Series 500A11 dual capacity geothermal heat pump with the Aurora Expansion Board (AXB) for energy monitoring as well as the IntelliStart soft start system. The package also includes:

  • Choice of thermostat
  • Choice of electric heat or AlpinePure 411
  • Choice of a WaterFurnace flow center or a well water kit
  • Air pad

The Geothermal Upgrade Package is designed for homeowners who are looking to upgrade an existing geothermal heating and cooling system. The package offers a $750 instant rebate on a dual capacity 5 Series 500A11 system with Aurora AXB and IntelliStart to replace an existing geothermal unit of any brand.

WaterFurnace geothermal heat pumps are similar to traditional heat pumps but are more than twice as efficient. Instead of using the outside air, geothermal heat pumps tap into the constant thermal energy stored just below the earth’s surface. A series of underground pipes (an earth loop) circulates an environmentally friendly mixture of alcohol and water to transport that energy. The earth loop brings heat into the home from below ground during the winter and removes heat from the home during the summer, carrying it back into the ground. Using this free energy source can save homeowners as much as 70 percent for heating, cooling, and hot water, all without using any on-site fossil fuels or emitting carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or other greenhouse gases.

To learn more about geothermal and the WaterFurnace 5 Series 500A11 and 7 Series 700A11 geothermal heat pumps, give us a call here at Ground Loop Heating and Air Conditioning (410)836-1706.

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