Odd HVAC System Noises in Your Home

Odd HVAC System Noises in Your Home

Hearing weird noises in your HVAC unit? It could be one of these issues.

The HVAC system is like the lungs of the home. It allows fresh air to come in and stale air to go out, and keeps your home at a comfortable temperature and humidity level as well. All heating and cooling units make a noise of some sort, typically a background, white noise as the air whooshes through your system’s ductwork. However, many homeowners have come across the same types of noises that are justifiably troubling. If you are hearing weird HVAC system noises at your house, it may be one of the following.

1. Popping Sound

If your HVAC system is making an unusual popping noise, you have nothing to worry about at all. Popping is the harmless sound of the ductwork expanding during a temperature change. Insulation can help damper the noise if it is too loud.

2. Thumping

If you hear a thumping or thwapping sound in your unit, you will want to call an HVAC technician. Thankfully, the problem is likely a minor one. Debris could be stuck in the fan, hitting against the blades as the fan runs. Even so, this can cause wear and tear to the machine, so the sooner a professional comes over, the better.

3. High-pitched Screeching

Your unit has one of two likely problems if your unit is screeching or squealing: the motor bearing or the belt. Lubricating the motor bearing or replacing the worn-out belt can fix the issue, and neither is expensive.  

4. Rattling or Banging

You should call a professional as soon as possible if your HVAC starts rattling or banging inside. The noises indicate that something is likely loose within the blower motor. It could be as small as a nail. Have an expert resolve the problem before the rattling part detaches completely.

5. Clicking

A mysterious clicking noise within the control panel or outside compressor may vary in frequency. It is usually due to a faulty relay and will need professional help to fix it. If the clicking is infrequent, you can record the noise and let the repairman hear it so he won’t have to wait when he arrives.

6. Hissing

Hissing is a significant problem if you hear it in your HVAC system, but it is not an issue without a remedy. It could be that the air ducts are leaking, and the air seeping out is causing the hissing noise. Call an expert to seal up those leaks.


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