Making The Switch To R-410A Refrigerant Is Easier Than You Think


Homeowners are struggling to decide what type of refrigerant they want to use in their homes.

In case you were unaware, the government has mandated that all residential central air conditioners stop using R-22 refrigerant and use R-410A refrigerant instead. What is the difference you may ask? R-22 had been one of the most common refrigerants available. However, it was causing severe environmental harm. As a result, this new regulation also mandated that air conditioner manufacturers stop the shipments of any R-22 refrigerant. Therefore, new systems are more likely to have the newer, R-410A refrigerant already in them.

The Result Of The New Policies

These new refrigerant policies have put many homeowners and air conditioning professionals in quite a unique situation. When it comes to the best solutions for any AC repair, should homeowners stick with the sky-high cost of R-22 refrigerant or making the massive switch to R-410A refrigerant? Apparently, the problem lies in the amount of money that homeowners will have to spend. As time goes on and R-22 refrigerant phase-out, the price will skyrocket. As a result, it may behoove homeowners to actually consider the investment of purchasing a brand-new central air conditioning unit for their homes. The problem happens with homeowners who are reluctant to buy a brand-new central air conditioning unit if their current unit is less than eight (8) years old. Typically, a traditional central air conditioning unit should last 8-15 years. Therefore, homeowners who recently purchased a central air conditioning unit may not want to go through the process all over again. In the future, it will cost significantly less over time for homeowners who make the switch towards purchasing a whole new unit than spending tons of money on R-22 refrigerant that is not only expensive but harmful to the environment.

The Benefit Of Buying An R-410A Refrigerant System

Current R-410A refrigerant systems are superbly beneficial to all homeowners for a variety of reasons. First of all, R-410A refrigerants provide some incredible energy efficiency creating a comfortable home for everyone to enjoy. Secondly. Leading technology has enabled systems to reduce humidity within the home creating a comfortable abode for the whole family to enjoy. Lastly, newer refrigerants offer a longer lifespan than previous ones which saves homeowners money in the long run.


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