It’s a HOT Summer…..try Geothermal Cooling!

How efficient is Geothermal Cooling?  Dig down a couple of yards below the surface, and you’ll find the earth stays at a steady 55 degrees, a perfect heater in winter and a cool respite in summer.

In most ways, geothermal cooling systems work the same as a regular air-conditioning system. Both systems use a combination of refrigerant and compression to transfer heat in or out until the house reaches the desired temperature. For the customer, the thermostat is almost exactly the same.

To understand the big difference, think of the Earth as a giant battery heated by the sun. Geothermal taps that natural battery by snaking a pipe a thousand or so feet long under the surface. It is filled with water, or a mix of water and other fluid, like antifreeze. The loop can be laid in horizontal squiggles snaking under a property at a depth of five or six feet. If the lot is small, the ground loop can be drilled vertically to depths of several hundred feet. In Maryland’s colder months, the ground loop absorbs the ground’s 55 degree heat and transfers it to a heat exchanger, where it becomes hotter. A fan then draws the home’s air through the system, heating the air and circulating it back through the house.

In cooling mode, a fan sucks hot air from the house into the system, where the heat in the air is removed. Just like your fridge, the heat is removed from the inside and transferred outside, in this case to the cool ground.

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