Why Does The HVAC Filter Get Dirty So Quickly?

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Changing your HVAC filter is a great way to keep your system working properly.

When was the last time you replaced your HVAC filter? Can you even remember? One of the hardest things about being a homeowner is forgetting to change out the HVAC filter. In fact, even the most diligent homeowner can fall off schedule once in awhile. However, even being on schedule may not be enough for certain filters. There are many filters or HVAC units that require more frequent filter changes than others. Homeowners are often left wondering why their filters become so filthy so quickly. Here are just some reasons for filters to become prematurely dirty.

Pet Hair

Own a cat or a dog who shed like crazy? They could be contributing to your dirty filter. In fact, if you have one or more shedding pets in the home, your filter is likely to get clogged a lot quicker than a home without your furry friends. However, daily vacuuming and regular pet brushing can really do wonders for making a filter last a little longer.

Your Fan Is Set To “On”

There should always be two different fan settings on your thermostat- “on” and “auto.” When the fan is set to “auto,” it will only ever blow when your system is actively heating or cooling down your home. However, when your fan is set to “on” it will just continuously run, no matter what. This can not only affect your energy bill but can make your filter clog rapidly. Just by switching your fan settings to “auto” can make your filter last you a much longer time.

Extreme Temperatures

There is something about the Maryland summers and winters that can have homeowners in a tizzy when it comes to the best thermostat settings. In fact, even if your fan setting is set to “auto” the extreme weather conditions could play a significant role in clogging up your filter. Unfortunately, until the season’s change, it might behoove homeowners to replace the filters more regularly in extreme weather conditions.


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