How Serious Is A Dirty Air Filter?

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Changing your air filter will relieve pressure on your HVAC system.

If you’ve taken a look at your air filter only to find dust and debris, it is probably because you aren’t changing it as often as you should be. In fact, many people underestimate the frequency with which an air filter needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, this common response to an air filter conundrum can cause serious issues in the long run. Here is everything you need to know about ensuring that your HVAC system stays healthy and clean.

Dirty Air Filters And What They Mean

While it is no secret that a dirty air filter is not healthy to have in your home, that doesn’t mean that homeowners truly understand the severity of it. In fact, leaving a dirty air filter can cause some serious damage to the actual HVAC system in your home. That could end up being quite costly to repair.

The Air Conditioner

The air conditioner in your home relies on the air filtration system associated with your HVAC system. In fact, when no air is able to pass through, your system can freeze up. This is most commonly a result of a clogged up or dirty air filter. This ultimately prevents any cool air from ever reaching your home. This results in an HVAC system that isn’t working at it’s full capacity.

Undue Strain

A clogged air filter will undoubtedly put some extra pressure on the actual HVAC system. In fact, in certain instances, this undue pressure can cause your entire system to shut down and cause the motor to completely fail. This will be extremely costly to repair, as you can imagine. As a result, ideally, you avoid these extremely avoidable charges by maintaining your HVAC system with monthly air filter changes.


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