3 Helpful Tips for Your Broken Furnace

With winter here and the frigid temperatures we experience daily, having a working furnace is a top priority for most.

You may be wondering why your furnace has suddenly stopped working. Most furnace issues are usually relatively minor, and as such, you can usually try to fix the problem yourself. Winter is here, and with the frigid temperatures that we experience daily, a working furnace should be a top priority. If your home is feeling a little colder than usual, consider these three helpful tips to get your broken furnace working again. 

Is The Thermostat Set To Heat?

While this may sound super obvious, there are some things that should always be restated. One of these such things is to make sure that your thermostat is set to heat. While this is an obvious mistake, it’s definitely something you can do yourself. Although the temperature on your thermostat is set to a warm and comfortable temperature, unless it’s physically set to heat, no hot air will ever come out of your furnace.

Remember To Always Change The Batteries

Some thermostats are wired to your home’s electrical systems. Others use batteries. With so many different systems, yours could just be in need of a battery replacement. Often times those that use batteries will have an indicator or symbol that is displayed when a battery is low or needs replacement. Ideally, homeowners will really want to look closely at their heating systems to make sure they don’t just need a battery replacement.

Take A Look At The Circuit Breaker

Is your circuit breaker getting electricity? You’ll want to turn the thermostat using the on setting. If the fan immediately comes on, then you instantly know that you’ve got ample power to your furnace. If it doesn’t then you know you have a much larger problem. With a larger problem, you’ll want to locate your circuit breaker. Once you do so, make sure that the furnace control isn’t turned off. If it’s already on the on setting, this is most likely the best time to contact a professional for assistance.


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