Geothermal News: Google X Unveils Dandelion

geothermal news

The newest in geothermal technology is here and it’s revolutionary.

Recently, reports have been buzzing over Google’s parent company, Alphabet, announcing a brand new, independent company that is completely and utterly dedicated to bringing affordable geothermal energy to the masses. In fact, Dandelion plans to make geothermal home systems a lot more common than they are right now. Homeowners are looking for affordable ways to save on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprints. Dandelion could just be the solution that homeowners have been waiting for.

Better Options For Homeowners

Most homeowners are forced to use fuel-filled trucks because they feel like they don’t have any affordable options. However, Dandelion provides homeowners with the ability to get geothermal energy for a much lower rate than before. In fact, the company knew that homeowners were looking for geothermal energy to become more affordable. As a result, Dandelion thought of a way to bring geothermal heat pumps to the masses by making them easy to install and affordable to purchase. Now, homeowners can rest assured that they aren’t causing severe harm to the Earth and are actually decreasing their carbon footprint with geothermal energy.

Dandelion Is The Future

In the end, the future of heating and cooling really is in geothermal heat pumps. In fact, New York is already signing up customers for Dandelion to be rolled out. It is only a matter of time until Dandelion spreads across the nation and bringing geothermal heat pumps to everyone, even people in Maryland! Geothermal systems like the ones offered through Dandelion are made so that the heat pumps let out heat from your home and then into the ground. This takes the benefit from the fact that the ground is always between fifty to fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit which mean that the heat pump no longer has to generate heat against its natural gradient. Instead, the ground provides cooling air to be brought into your home alleviating you from emitting any toxic elements into the air. In addition, the main innovation with geothermal systems is the ease with which they can be installed. Although the hardest part of installing a geothermal system is getting the loop into the ground, the result is something that is affordable and kinder to the environment.


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