Geothermal Around the US – Greenwood, Arkansas

A set of new energy-efficient homes will be coming to Greenwood.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held at Primrose Arbor on West Beech Street in Greenwood at 1 p.m Tuesday. According to Monica Ibison, a Realtor for Bradford & Udouj Realtors, the property for the project is comprised of six lots that will hold one house each. These houses will be energy efficient and geared toward people over the age of 55.

“They’re going to have really nice finishes throughout, hardwood floors, granite countertops, custom cabinets,” Ibison said. “It’s not just a 55 and over neighborhood. It’s affordable, energy efficient and they’re going to be really, really nice houses, something that (people) will be proud to own.”

Tanya Taylor, the director of operations and economic development for the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce, said $1.1 million is being invested in the development of Primrose Arbor through Centennial Bank. The developer is L&L Development Inc., which specializes in building energy efficient homes.

Buddy Loyd, the owner of L&L Development Inc., said the new houses will be about 1,250 square feet, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and will be handicapped accessible. In regard to energy efficiency, they will also include spray foam insulation, triple-glazed windows and geothermal heating and air.

“On the energy side, the more energy efficient the house is, the less electric companies have to produce new energy,” Loyd said. “… Also, on the buyer side, the more energy efficient the house is, the less it costs for them every month to live in that house, so people that are on a fixed income, retiring, it helps them to be able to afford new homes and nicer homes.”

Construction on the first home will begin today, Loyd said. It will be completed in four to six months.

“We will build a model and go from there,” Loyd said.

Architect and energy consultant Doug Rye, who frequently works with Loyd, said he hopes energy-efficient housing will spread to other cities and towns in the area.

 “There’s no excuse at all for people having high utility bills,” Rye said. “It doesn’t exist. It’s easy, and … particularly when you’re building new for almost no additional funds, you can have super, super, super low utility bills. Now, these houses right here, well, the heating and cooling on them will be less than a dollar a day, and when people hear that, they don’t believe it, okay, but that’s how it is. I’ve actually been involved in it many thousands of times. It’s easy to do if people would just do it.”

Greenwood Mayor Doug Kinslow said he is excited about the project.

“The only thing that I hate is that we lose trees, but when you lose trees for a cause like this, it’s well worth it,” Kinslow said.

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