Geothermal Around the Nation: Iowa Schools

Iowa City Community School Board President Chris Lynch said Monday that, while the board is open to learning about solar energy, he doesn’t foresee local solar-powered schools in the near future.

Lynch said while he welcomes discussion on solar energy, the board is focused on the district’s plan for upgrading all schools, which includes adding environmentally friendly geothermal heating and cooling systems at some schools.

Superintendent Stephen Murley said in an email that the district has geothermal heating and cooling at Alexander, Borlaug, Garner, Penn, Twain and Van Allen elementaries; North Central Junior High; and Tate High School. The district uses partial geothermal heating and cooling at City High and West High.

The district also plans to use geothermal at Coralville Central, Grant, Lucas and Weber elementaries and at its new Hoover Elementary and Liberty High, according to the email.

Biggers, a father of two Iowa City students, said he applauds district leaders’ decision to add geothermal systems at schools.

“It’s so wonderful to be a town where our school district is a leader in geothermal,” he said.


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