Everything You Wanted To Know About Geothermal Part II


Understanding geothermal systems is easier than you think.

Welcome back to our discussion of all things geothermal. In this last installment of geothermal facts, we will investigate the efficiency of geothermal systems, maintenance requirements, and their benefit for the environment. Buckle up, and enjoy our journey into the compelling world of geothermal systems.

How Efficient Are Geothermal Systems?

When compared to regular heating and cooling systems, geothermal systems are on average three to four times more efficient. This means that you are getting a lot more bang for your buck with geothermal systems. Since these wonderful geothermal systems don’t rely on burning fossil fuels to create heat, they actually move heat around. Moving heat from the earth into the home in the winter and from the home back into the earth in the summer, geothermal systems are able to provide three to four times more energy than a regular heating and cooling unit. The end results are that geothermal systems end up saving enough money to cover the installation costs. Therefore, it is clear to see the immense ability geothermal systems provide.

How Much Maintenance Do Geothermal Systems Require?

The good news is that geothermal systems are quite low maintenance. In fact, when geothermal systems are installed properly they basically require zero maintenance. The loop that is buried in the ground can last you essentially a lifetime when properly installed. The other side of the unit, the fan, compressor, and pump, all are installed indoors. This installation practice protects these systems from the harsh outdoor elements. Although geothermal systems require very little maintenance you will still want to just take a peek and make sure everything is working properly once in a while to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Therefore, the critical aspect of having your geothermal systems last is the proper installation.

How Do Geothermal Systems Help The Environment?

The simple fact that nature is part of the geothermal system is a great indicator of how beneficial it is for the environment. Without emitting any greenhouse gasses, geothermal systems are a great way to join the go green movement and reduce your carbon footprint. Installing a geothermal system in your home is the environmental equivalent of plating 750 trees, or you and your spouse never driving a car again for the rest of your life.


If you are concerned about the air conditioning system within your home, consider hiring a technician to maintain your geothermal during or before the air conditioning system. Our geothermal units do both heating and cooling from one system, not separate heaters or air conditioning units. With many experienced technicians available, Ground Loop, Inc. can solve all your air conditioning system problems. If you are interested in creating the most comfortable environment for your family to enjoy, contact Ground Loop, Inc. today.

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