Everything You Need To Know About Humidifiers


Humidifiers can reduce your risk of getting sick!

No matter where you live, humidity is a problem that can severely affect your health and comfort. The humidity in the air also has an increasing effect on air conditioning and heating units within your home. Maintaining an ideal indoor temperature is what all homeowners desire. But in the winter months, it can become increasingly difficult to do just that. With the frigid cold in most of the states, especially in Maryland, winter is a time for frigid temperatures and dry air.

The Basics Of Indoor Humidity Levels

The perfect level of moisture within your humble abode can be a difficult task to reach in the frigid winter months. By ensuring that you have the right level of moisture in your home, you are also ensuring that your air conditioning and heating systems are working at their optimal level as well. Namely, the correct humidity levels assist in keeping your home cool on those hot summer days and warm during those blistery winter months.

If humidity levels are left unnoticed and not properly maintained, your home could suffer as a result. Not only will it be extremely harmful towards your current air conditioning and heating systems, your family will likely feel uncomfortable inside your home. No one wants to feel uncomfortable in their own homes. That’s precisely why maintaining proper humidity levels inside your home is so very important.

Eliminating unnecessary moisture from your home is something that is necessary during the summer months when there is a severe excess of moisture in the air. Your air conditioning system usually does a good job of eliminating all the extra moisture from your home. However, moisture is still likely to stick around leading to some serious problems for your health and comfort.

The optimal temperature within your home will probably vary throughout the year. Depending on the weather outside, you may want your home to be cooler or warmer as the temperature fluctuates.

Maintaining Your Humidity Levels

Typically, everyone has their own comfort level. Therefore, everyone’s preferences for determining the ideal humidity level within their home will likely differ. However, there are a few common things that most people can use to determine the ideal level of humidity inside their home. It is recommended that your home contains a 45%-55% humidity level for the ideal humidity. This ensures that your air conditioning and heating systems will continue to work properly. Keeping optimal levels of humidity inside your home also ensures that you and your family are not subject to any health risks that accompany improper humidity levels.

Extreme Humidity Levels Can Create A Variety Of Problems

Having too much or too little air inside your home can be disastrous to you and your family’s health. A home that has low humidity levels can cause people to develop dry or itchy skin, colds and become more susceptible to infections. Not to mention that low levels of humidity can cause structural damage to your home as well. When there is low humidity in the air, wood structures can become damaged leaving homeowners with a lot of problems to deal with. On the other hand, high humidity levels have dangerous effects as well. A home that contains levels of high humidity can suffer from mold growth, uncomfortably muggy conditions, and cause sleep disturbances for people living in this type of environment.

How To Maintain Optimal Levels Of Humidity All Year Long


  • In The Summer Months:


During the warm summer months when humidity outside is very high it’s important to remove the excess moisture from the air inside your home to create a comfortable and safe place for you and your family to enjoy. If you have a humidifier installed, it’s best to turn it off during the summer. This allows your home to get rid of some of the excess moisture that your air conditioning system may miss. Another way to remove any excess moisture inside your home is by using exhaust fans during extremely hot days.


  • In The Winter Months:


During the frigid cold winter that most Marylanders suffer, keeping ideal humidity levels could be the difference between staying healthy and developing a cold. The air in the winter is extremely dry around Maryland and your home could benefit from using portable humidifiers throughout your house that will increase moisture levels. Additionally, another way that you can ensure that there is more moisture within your home is by using live house plants within your home. Plants are a great source of additional moisture that can also increase your mood. Other ways of keeping your humidity levels within an optimal range are by placing water basins next to your heating system and adding a whole house humidifier that can be controlled and turned off when the moisture outside begins to rise.

If your home suffers from humidity level problems, you may require additional systems. Additional equipment like a humidification system or a home ventilation system could serve to alleviate any humidity problems that your home faces throughout the year.

Benefits Of Humidifiers

There are a variety of benefits that come with installing humidifiers in your home. From your health to your household, the myriad of benefits needs to be discussed so that you can better understand how vital humidifiers are for you and your family.


  • Health Benefits:


There are a number of health benefits that accompany installing humidifiers in your home. A humidifier can help in reducing asthma symptoms and sinus problems, allowing you to breathe better. In addition, humidifiers can aid in reducing your risk of developing infections. Moist air precludes viruses and bacteria to survive. Therefore, simply by increasing your home’s humidity levels to 43% or above, you can quickly and effortlessly lower your chance of developing the flu or other airborne illness. Furthermore, by installing a humidifier inside your humble abode, you will likely see your nasal passages begin to clear. This occurs because humidifiers provide the proper moisture in the air that can allow for increased healing time from infections. That means, if by chance you develop an infection, you will likely have a speedy recovery.


  • Household Benefits:


As heat travels through your heating and air conditioning systems, dry air is typically unleashed into your home during the winter months when you are seeking a warm respite from the bitterly cold outdoors. In fact, that dry air can wreak havoc on your home in a variety of ways. First, there is the issue of electric shocks, which is a result of dry air. By installing a humidifier inside your humble abode, you reduce the chances of suffering from an electrical shock. In addition, moisture has a way of altering any wood that it comes in contact with. This means that all your wood furniture could become severely damaged unless a humidifier is present. By having a humidifier you are protecting your family’s belongings that can become susceptible to damage when moisture levels are not optimal.

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