Dry Winter Air in Your Home

Dry Winter Air in Your Home

Why is the air so dry in winter? Here’s how to avoid that static electricity and other problems.

In winter, the air naturally lessens in humidity. Cold air cannot contain as much water as hot air can. For this reason, the humidity of your home should rest somewhere between 30% to 50%. When the air gets drier than that, though, you’ll have several annoying and unhealthy signs to point it out to you. Thankfully, there are several ways to prevent dry winter air in your home.

Risks of Dry Winter Air

The guiding principle in knowing how damaging dry winter air can be is that when objects go dry, they shrivel. When the air is too dry, your body will suffer in numerous ways. You will be at a higher risk of catching an illness like the flu because the humid membranes within your body, like your nose and throat, do not have enough moisture to capture contaminants. Without enough moisture, an illness can last even longer. Your nose, in particular, can suffer from itchiness, stuffiness, and, most commonly, bleeding. 

Besides the body, your house and belongings can also suffer. Wooden structures will shrink when they are dry and expand in more humid conditions. When dry winter air is in your home, the wooden beams, windows, and doors of your home may contract and let in cold air, costing you a higher heating bill than necessary. Along with structural elements, hardwood flooring and furniture can also warp.

Home Remedies

There are a few ways you can add extra moisture to the air that are quite simple. Perhaps the easiest is to put a bowl of water in the desired room and let it evaporate. If you need humidity, just add water. Plants can also be helpful assistants, as long as you keep them watered. Other ways to increase the humidity is to boil some water to steam the air or use something else like a wet sponge to let the air take in more water.

Aprilaire Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

When the humidity in the home has proper regulation, you will not have to worry about any room in the house going without its desired moisture level. Comprehensive systems like those by Aprilaire, which Ground Loop installs, can fit into any sized home to fit your humidifying or dehumidifying needs. For more information, contact Ground Loop or visit their website today!


If you are concerned about high electricity bills in the winter, consider investing in geothermal heat pumps to help alleviate some of those costs. With many experienced technicians available, Ground Loop Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can solve all your air conditioning system problems. If you are interested in creating the most comfortable environment for your family to enjoy, contact Ground Loop Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.today.

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