Consider Geothermal Radiant Flooring This Winter

Radiant flooring pipe system

Geothermal radiant flooring uses a series of pipes underneath your floor to distribute heat evenly.

Radiant, or “hydronic,” floor heating systems are a great way to increase the warmth and comfort of your home while decreasing your energy bills. There are several benefits to installing radiant flooring in your home; read on to discover just how this geothermal flooring system can increase your comfort this winter. 

How Geothermal Radiant Flooring Operates

The radiant flooring system uses a series of pipes underneath a floor to distribute heat evenly across the surface. They can be used underneath various surfaces to increase the warmth of floors and walls, to increase snow and ice melt, to heat a spa room, and to heat the pool water. With underfloor heating, you can decrease your thermostat by a few degrees. If the floor temperature is 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and the air is only 65 degrees Fahrenheit, the warmth of the floor will travel upwards and contribute to increasing your warmth. 

Invisible Design

A distinct advantage of geothermal radiant flooring is that the system is virtually invisible. There are no registers, baseboard units, or radiators required, which will obstruct furniture and hinder interior design plans. 

Lower Utility Bills

Because of their long life and reliability, geothermal systems reduce operating costs for your home’s energy. The consistent heating source provided by the geothermal ground-loop system will provide warmth for your floors regardless of the outside temperature, which means you will have to spend less on heating your house during those frigid winter months. 


Generally, over 70% of the total energy used in a typical home is for heating, cooling, and water heating. However, with a geothermal heat pump system, up to 80% of the energy required for these tasks comes free directly from the earth. 

Quiet Operation 

A properly installed geothermal radiant flooring system produces nearly undetectable sound levels. The loudest part of the system would be the heat source, and that can be isolated and installed in the designated mechanical room. Additionally, geothermal heat pumps do not require an outdoor fan that might disturb you or your neighbors. 


If you are concerned about high electricity bills in the winter, consider investing in geothermal heat pumps to help alleviate some of those costs. With many experienced technicians available, Ground Loop Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can solve all your air conditioning system problems. If you are interested in creating the most comfortable environment for your family to enjoy, contact Ground Loop Heating & Air Conditioning,

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