Clean Tech up for Maryland in 2015

Maryland Moves Up in 2015 Clean Tech Leadership Ranking

The “2015 US Clean Tech Leadership Index Report” recently released by Clean Edge, Inc. shows the State of Maryland moved up in the overall ranking of top 20 states active in clean energy market and technology development . The index takes policy, technology and capital investment into consideration and found Maryland to have improved to 16th overall up from the position of 20th held in 2014.

The report also looks at the metrics by metropolitan statistical area (MSA) and evaluated both the Washington, DC and Baltimore MSAs with overall improved rankings from the previous year in the Metro Index. Washington, DC MSA rose to 5th place and now holds the #1 spot in the rankings related to green building inventory calculated by the number of projects and square feet per capita. The Baltimore MSA rose 10 places in the rankings from the position held by the region in 2014 to an overall position of 26th among the 50 MSAs considered.

As a state, Maryland joined a top ten position ranking 9th in the Policy category because of the proactive mandates and regulatory efforts policymakers have initiated to drive the market for adoption of clean energy products, services and technologies. The state increased a handful of places for the 25th place for the overall investment of capital, which according to the report, “measures clean-tech investment activity; and Human and Intellectual Capital, which gauges patent activity and the presence of top-rated educational and research institutions and industry incubators.”

In the category of Technology, the index looks at the progress of states’ deployment of clean electricity including renewable energy generation, energy storage, and fuel cell deployment as well as the use of advanced transportation like electric vehicles, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, biofuels, natural gas vehicles, and charging/fueling infrastructure; and finally includes the deployment of energy intelligence through green building projects, smart grid deployment, grid modernization, and efficient energy use.  The three subcategories are weighted equally. Maryland increased one place to 18th in this category overall but saw a slight improvement specifically in the clean energy generation indicator where the state had nearly 7% of its in-state generation coming from clean energy sources (solar, wind, geothermal, hydro or biomass).

Bryce Yonker, Sr. Director Business Development & Partnerships at Clean Edge stated, “Our Leadership Index is built from a diversity of factors tracking the clean-energy ecosystem. It brings the whole picture together about how clean energy markets are developing across the country and provides key insights into the drivers that shape this progress.” He continued, “The recent policy efforts in Maryland position the market for progress going forward. Our 2016 results will be interesting for the State.”

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