Why Do Air Conditioning and Heat Pump’s Freeze?

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Every air conditioner unit has the potential to freeze at some time or another. In fact, it can be quite the strange sight, especially in the middle of a hot summer day. While summer is all but a distant memory for most of us, your air conditioning unit can still have the potential to freeze any time of the year. As a result, understanding why an air conditioning unit freezes and how to prevent it can be quite informative for many homeowners looking to keep their air conditioning units lasting a long time. In the winter months you still have to worry about freezing. Almost all heat pump units have a defrost feature which will automatically switch from heating to cooling to reverse the cycle and defrost the ice on your outdoor unit. That’s right your heat pump will run in cooling during the winter. When this happens your emergency heat will run in order to blow hot air.

A Blockage Could Be Doing Harm

Why would your air conditioning unit freeze? There could be a few reasons. The most common reason for your air conditioning unit to freeze is that on a hot, humid day, your air conditioning unit is working on overdrive to cool the inside of your home and keep it comfortable. However, as it cools your home, it may begin to build up condensation in the evaporator coil. As a result, since the evaporator coil is supposed to be kept warm internally, without this heat, the internal temperature could drop below freezing causing a blockage. In turn, this blockage causes, even more, water to freeze which just intensifies the initial problem.

Being Low On Refrigerant Doesn’t Allow An Air Conditioner To Do Its Job Efficiently

Another way that your air conditioner unit could freeze is because of the unit being low on refrigerant. In fact, it could be that your air conditioner has a coolant leak that is causing the refrigerant to run out, which results in the system not working properly. As a result, the refrigerant is the main feature of the air conditioning unit that keeps the air in your home cool as well as dehumidifying it. Therefore, without refrigerant in your air conditioning system, the AC unit will only be able to blow air instead of doing its job to keep your home nice and cool!


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