A Homeowner’s Guide To Avoiding Hot And Cold Spots


Air balancing ensures the air in your home is evenly distributed.

Air balancing is the idea of improving circulation in your home by increasing the overall energy efficiency throughout your home while simultaneously enhancing the overall performance of your air conditioning and heating system. In fact, for homeowners, this means delivering the right amount of air- whether hot or cold- to individual rooms throughout the home thereby making the entire home incredibly comfortable. Here are the key ways to ensure that your humble abode stays cozy and comfy all year round.

What Exactly Is Air-Balancing

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to create a comfy home for everyone to enjoy, it’s important to explain the concept of air balancing. Basically, it is the process that involves modifying the existing HVAC system in your home to ensure that the air is evenly distributed throughout the entire space. All the zones in your home should have the proper amount of heat transfer.

Try A Two Degree Offset

If you own a large home that is two-stories or more, you may have two thermostats as a result. If that is the case, you may want to try setting the temperatures to have a two-degree offset. What this means is that you set the thermostat at a two-degree difference for the different floors. By doing so, you’ll help to even the temperatures within your entire home.

Check The Filters For Cleanliness

One thing to consider is the cleanliness of all the filters. In fact, a dirty filter can really do damage to the air flow throughout your home. By doing so, you’ll improve the air quality in the entire home. There is really nothing better than cleaning the debris from your filter that always builds up throughout the year and will end up aiding in the flow of air in your home. Cleaning your air filters will also increase the efficiency of your furnace.


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