6 Myths about Geothermal Systems

6 Myths about Geothermal Systems

Think geothermal isn’t the best way to heat and cool your home? Here are some common myths.

While geothermal systems are not the most common type of HVAC unit in homes today, they are perhaps the most efficient, taking energy directly from the earth. The core of the earth is approximately the same temperature as that of the sun; instead of using solar energy, geothermal systems go deep within the ground for clean energy. Even so, some people have reservations about this method of heating and cooling, mainly about the following myths.

1. Geothermal Systems Take Up Too Much Space

Some think that in order to have a geothermal system installed for a home, you will need a large property to fit it underground. However, the pipes do not need to be horizontal to work, and the size of the system depends on the size of the house. A geothermal system is compact and flexible; depth is what matters more than width and length, so pipes can go vertically into the ground.

2. Geothermal Systems Are Loud and Noisy

While the rumor has gone around that geothermal systems are loud and noisy, never mind unsightly, they are very much the opposite. A geothermal unit is quiet, if it can be heard at all, and no bulky appliance taints the landscape.

3. They Don’t Last Long

Another myth is that they do not last long or that they require a lot of maintenance. Any appliance will wear out over time, but geothermal systems have a life expectancy of 25 years. As for maintenance, the earth protects the piping from the elements, and the main controls are within the house. 

4. They Are Too Expensive

As the technology for these systems improves over time, they are becoming more affordable over the past years. What once was a more complex contraption is becoming more efficient. Unlike coal and gas, the energy from the earth is constant and always available. Plus, the energy savings provided pays for itself.  

5. They Don’t Work Well in the Cold

When talking about the cons of geothermal systems, their inefficiency in colder climates is one of them. The temperature of the earth 10 feet deep, however, is always a temperate 55 degrees Fahrenheit around the world. The heat pump adjusts this energy to a higher temperature as needed. Air heat pumps do work harder than other ones but can do the job sufficiently.

6. Geothermal Systems Can’t Be Installed in Homes

Since a geothermal system goes under the foundation of a house, it may be hard to imagine how a company could install it under a pre-existing home. With the experience and skills of a professional company, though, it is a project that is easy to accomplish.


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