4 Things To Consider Before Making The Switch To Geothermal

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Check out these four things to consider before switching to geothermal.

Planning on installing a geothermal system in your home? That’s great! However, there are a few things that you need to take into account before the installation actually occurs. In fact, getting the most out of your geothermal system is always ideal. Here are the top things every homeowner needs to consider when they make the switch to a geothermal system.

How Much Available Land Do You Have?

When considering whether a geothermal system is right for your home, you need to consider how much space you have. In fact, while geothermal heat pumps are a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on utility bills, before you begin the installation process you’ll need to evaluate which loop system will work best for you. Larger lots can save money on installation costs. Smaller lots work best with vertical loops. No matter what size yard you have there is a geothermal loop that can work for you.

Larger Space Means More Savings

Larger lots over 2 acres, can usually take advantage of a horizontal loop. Geothermal horizontal loops are long trenches dug in the ground to bury pipes. There are many different styles of geothermal horizontal loops available. One key benefit to a geothermal horizontal loop is a lower cost of installation. However, a larger loop means more grass dug up.

Use Vertical Loops For Smaller Yards

If you don’t have as much space outdoors, that’s okay. You can still benefit from the incredible savings associated with a geothermal heat pump system. In fact, just by using the constant ground temperature, the vertical loops will help a small yard still reap the benefits that come with a geothermal heat pump system. Vertical loops tend to have a higher installation cost, with less disruption to the yard.

Do You Happen To Have Clean Groundwater?

In the Mid Atlantic region, most homeowners have poor water quality. Because of this, a closed loop installation is usually the best option. Closed loop systems are filled once with clean filtered water and re-circulated for the life of the system. Open loop systems use available groundwater and then dump the water back into the aquifer. However, in certain cases, if you have very clean water and or other factors restricting the installation of a closed loop, an open loop can make the most sense.


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