3 Signs That You Need To Replace Your Furnace


Getting professional insight from a contractor who specializes in HVAC repair is the best choice when experiencing furnace trouble!

If you have ever had the incredible misfortune of having a broken furnace during the frigid and cold winter months, then you are well aware of the massive inconvenience that it can be.  When a furnace breaks down, it doesn’t take very long for your entire home to become bitterly cold and uncomfortable. If you don’t get your furnace fixed as soon as possible, you could have a serious problem on your hands that could end up costing you a fortune. Reach out to a professional before it’s too late, especially if experiencing any of these furnace problems.

Struggles To Maintain A Consistent Temperature

Does it seem like your furnace is running longer than it used to? Does it take longer for your home to heat up? These could be huge signs that the unit is in dire need of repair or even replacement. While your initial thought could easily be that there is an issue with your thermostat, the reality could be that the furnace is to blame. Getting professional insight from a contractor who specializes in HVAC repair will save you and your family from freezing in these cold winter months.

Strange Smelling Air Is Coming Out Of Your Furnace

At the start of the season, it can be normal to smell a strange odor coming from the furnace when you first turn on your heating system. However, if the smell is significantly strong or pungent, there may be a much more serious problem inside of the furnace. If you find yourself in this situation, make a call quickly to ensure that you don’t breathe any potentially toxic air.

Loud Noises

Furnaces are known to make some weird noises. Oddly, some noise is required to make the system work properly.  But if your furnace is clanking, grinding, clunking or squealing, you could be in trouble.


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