3 Reasons To Clean Your Air Ducts

Air Ducts

Cleaning your air ducts will improve you home’s air quality.

The air ducts associated with both the heating and cooling in your home are supposed to distribute clean air throughout the entire home. In fact, it turns out that HVAC systems have filters to ensure that the air that is put out is as clean as possible. Unfortunately, several particles can go through which is why it’s essential that homeowners actually take the time to clean the air ducts routinely. Here are some important reasons why everyone must clean their air ducts, right now.

The Trouble With Mold Growth

One reason that cleaning air filters is so important is mold. In fact, mold growth is a massive problem with dirty air filters. As a result, it is critical that homeowners clean their air filters so they can avoid this nasty situation. The best way to do so is to remove the grilles on at last one of the vents in your home, Using a flashlight, look for any signs of mold within the actual ductwork. If you see mold, you will need to check the ducts for any potential leaks because the presence of mold means that there is excess moisture in the actual ductwork.

Be Aware Of Unresponsive Dampers

Another key thing that homeowners need to be aware of are unresponsive dampers. In fact, dampers are to HVAC systems what taps are to plumbing. The reality is, they control the amount of warm or cool air that flows throughout the home! Dampers thus, have various moving parts that when filled with dust can hamper with the flow of the air.

Be Cautious Of Pests

The last crucial thing that homeowners need to be aware of would be any pests in the ductwork of their homes. In fact, pests should always be removed by a professional. However, if you notice any signs of vermin, it is important that you contact a professional immediately.


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